Things to Remember while Buying Male Waistcoat

A waistcoat is a universal and important thing for any man’s wardrobe. This is not a secret for anyone who at least once put it on: the waistcoat looks great and with a jacket, and with a coat, and by itself. If you still do not have any models, expert advises you to acquire, because a good men waistcoat  is suitable for any occasion.

How to choose the size?

There is nothing difficult, if you know your clothing size, besides, if necessary, you can always use the help of a consultant. However, do not forget to consider the basic rules of choice:

The waistcoat should not hang on you and should not over-tighten. It is important to remember the golden mean;

A good model is the one that sits exactly on the figure;

Cuts are different: both free and narrowed. Decide which option seems more convenient for you.

Choose the material

Wool – this is the most popular option, and you should choose a waistcoat more tightly. Thin fabric quickly deteriorates starts to shine and wear out. It is better to pay more, but at the same time be sure that the waistcoat will last you long.

Cashmere: more expensive and, of course, more aesthetic material. Few people allow themselves real cashmere waistcoats – but those who bought them, look irreproachable regardless of the situation. We recommend not saving, if you often have to attend official events.

Suede is a versatile and comfortable material, but waistcoats from it are extremely rare. The main reasons for this are two: firstly, suede models are always very expensive, and, secondly, for such a tissue you need a special, careful care. Not everyone can so accurately handle the thing, so people who forget about this, suede clothing does not last long.

Skin is not a material for everyone. Of course, leather waistcoats look stylish and unusual, inexorably remind us of bikers and over time look only better, but in a business setting such a model are not the place – it’s an informal thing.

Cotton is an option for warm weather. This fabric almost does not heat, and before buying it is necessary to take this into account. Among other things, cotton crumples strongly, and if you do not like stroking, it’s better to choose something else.

Silk is a stylish and unusual material. Silk waistcoats are rare, but they look luxurious, moreover, it is from this fabric, as a rule, they are sewn models of the most insane colors. If bright shiny things – not your option, we advise you to look at the waistcoats sewed from a mixture of silk and wool: they are matte and almost do not shine.

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