Top 3 Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry Which May Surprise You

There are a lot of people who holds back their smile due to various reasons like missing teeth and crooked teeth.  In fact, they will feel ashamed to smile freely in front of everyone due to their crooked teeth. Hence, all such people should approach a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists are skilled professional who can improve the look of your smile, mouth and teeth. In other words, we can say that a cosmetic dentist can improve your overall appearance. Most of the cosmetic dental treatments involve in different procedures which helps you to enhance the shape, position, colour, alignment and size of your teeth. Here are some effective ways using which a cosmetic dentist can improve your smile.
  • Porcelain bridges and crowns
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Zoom Whitening
  • Dental Bonding
  • Dental Implants

Major Types of Tanning Beds to Choose From – UVA Vs. UVB Vs. Combination Tanning

Tanning beds have been quite popular these days due to instant glow it offers. They basically work by creating artificial UV light sources that are present two major forms, UVA light and UVB light. Each of the forms has a great impact on skin in distinct ways. If you will just type “tanning near me”, you will get to see different types of tanning beds that are generally available in either UVA, UVB, or combination of both of the light wavelength options. UVA tanning UVA rays are typically longer than UVB and thus penetrate skin’s epidermis that is composed of 5 layers. When UVA rays of the tanning bed hits the skin of a person, they penetrate and ultimately leads to the production of melanocytes. The more it is produced, the more tanned an individual appears. UVB tanning UVB tanning beds makes use of UVB rays that are usually shorter than the UVA rays. It means that the rays penetrate much less deep in skin that affects outer layers of epidermis. These rays are considered to be main contributors to skin cancers like squamous or melanoma cell carcinoma. (more…)