How does NanoKnife treat cancer safely?

Subsequent to receiving FDA authorization for the surgical ablation of soft tissues, NanoKnife can be the best treatment choice for inoperable tumors in liver, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, breast, and prostate, especially when other traditional treatments are no longer effective.

A minimally invasive option

The pioneering contemporary treatment offers a minimally invasive option to destroy cancer cells by utilizing non-thermal high energy, short repetitive electric pulses. Dealing safely with tumors found near major blood vessels and complex structures is now possible through NanoKnife, the brand name for IRE.

How does it work?

Under general anesthetic, the NanoKnife System effectively uses electrical currents to safely destroy soft tissue tumors. Electrodes, part of keyhole surgery, are allowed to enter through the skin in a straight line around the affected area, decreasing the likelihood of harm to blood vessels, healthy cell tissues, and other important structures. Additional information about electrodes is also available in LUA.

Say no to all the risky treatments

Patients with inoperable cancers no longer need to take risk of radiofrequency ablation therapy, especially while having a very safe option of electric pulses that destroy the tumor but leaves the surrounding ducts, nerves, veins, and tissues unharmed.

Some well-known & proven benefits

Some of the most prominent benefits of this new way of treatment include less damage to healthy tissues, fast postoperative healing, no need for an open incision, nominal postoperative complication, no pain, no serious adverse side effects, short stay at the hospital & possible repetition in case of developing new tumors. Within a short period after undergoing irreversible electroporation or NanoKnife, healthy tissues and cells start growing back, making it uniquely unlike other methods like some traditional surgeries especially CyberKnife.

The best part of the procedure

The best part of this process is that it uses electrical currents to treat tumors rather than extremities like heating up the tumor, using microwave energy & full of risk radiofrequency ablation therapy, which is quite risky especially when the tumor is detected to be near some main vessel. Antibiotics are administered before and after the procedure to avoid infection, and the entire process is just a matter of average 3 hours. Using a 3000-volt current instead of extreme heat makes it simple, quick, painless, successful & ideal for those who are not candidates for any of the above stated conventional treatments.